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Author of Sunshine State, Sarah Gerard, Writes us a Letter

Author of Sunshine State, Sarah Gerard, Writes us a Letter

We’re happy to share with you the sweet letter we received from Sarah Gerard, author of the recent national literary hit Sunshine State.

Dear Sweetwater,

This morning I woke up at 6am, which is an hour earlier than I usually wake up, and before the sun comes up. When my alarm went off, I was deep in a dream, and the alarm was incorporated into my dream in a way that was really confusing, because I couldn’t find the source of the sound inside the dream narrative. I sat on my couch drinking coffee, which felt good because I was recently told that I couldn’t drink coffee anymore for health reasons, but as soon as I decided I was just going to do what I wanted to do, I felt better. I did some writing while the sun came up, and because I began my day in a productive way, the rest of the day felt calmer, and in general I felt better about myself and my life. I went to a barbecue on the beach and then did some yard work. Yard work makes me happy because I see the immediate results of my labor. Now I’m back to writing and drinking coffee, and the words are really flowing. It’s much easier to make art with a healthy mind.



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