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Brewing at Home: Clever Dripper

Brewing at Home: Clever Dripper

Whenever I'm at home, I want the easiest, fastest cup of coffee imaginable that still tastes delicious. 

Since I'm the only coffee-drinker at home, making a full pot just isn’t always reasonable. Most single-cup brewers like Keurigs don’t make coffee that I love, and I don’t have the patience to make a pour-over right after I wake up. That leaves me with only a few options - but the Clever Dripper is perfect!

This brewer makes a cup that is a “set it and forget it” method like a French Press, but with easier cleanup and fewer oils and suspended solids (or "floaty bits," as I call them). 

Brewing on a Clever only takes about 3-4 minutes and you can make one with just about any ground coffee you have on hand! The finer your coffee is ground, the less time it needs to soak.

What You Need for Clever Brewing

  • Clever Dripper
  • Filter
  • Spoon
  • Hot Water
  • Mug for drinking
  • Freshly Ground Coffee (Slightly coarser than drip grind is best)

How to Brew using a Clever Dripper

Brew Recipe:

Brew Ratio:
1 gram Coffee :15-18 grams water

Water Temperature:
195-205 degrees Fahrenheit

Brew Time:
3-4 Minutes

Brewing Setup:

Fold the paper filter along the seams and place snuggly in the clever dripper.

Pre-wet using hot water to rinse any paper taste out and then set on top of your mug to drain the water into that. This allows you to pre-heat your mug as well.


  1. Add the desired amount of coffee to your clever dripper.
  2. Shake gently to level the bed of coffee.
  3. Add hot water, making sure to get all of the coffee wet as evenly as possible.
  4. After a minute, gently stir the grounds to “break the crust” and allow them to sink away from the surface.
  5. After three minutes of water contact time, place the Clever Dripper on the mug.
  6. As the coffee starts draining, give the edges of the clever dripper a stir to incorporate any coffee stuck to the edges.
  7. Remove the grounds and filter, and discard.
  8. Enjoy!

One of the best things about the Clever Dripper to me is you don’t need a fancy kettle - any way to add water to the brewer will work.   


Also, I love that it is such an easy clean up.  Once you've removed your grounds and filter, all you have to do is give the Clever a quick rinse to prepare it for the next brew (I wash mine in the dishwasher about once a week).

Trouble-Shooting Taste:

If you don’t love the way your coffee tastes, you can always adjust the amount on your next brew until you find just the right amount for you. If your coffee is too bitter, use more coffee. Too sour or tart? Use less coffee. 

Choose the Right Coffee for your Clever Dripper:

And, of course, any brewing is always better if you start with delicious, fresh-roasted coffee.  My favorite for Clever is Freight Train.  I like lighter roasts, and I like how this immersion-style of brewing is able to extract the natural sugars and sweet flavor compounds in the Freight Train blend.  

But everybody's preferences are different. Find your favorite coffee and start brewing!   

Freight Train Coffee for Clever Brewing