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Coffee at Thanksgiving: Why to Give Thanks in your Cup

Coffee at Thanksgiving: Why to Give Thanks in your Cup

Thanksgiving dinner’s all finished. Grandpa belched out a good one and now they’re like, “Let’s get ready for pies and coffee!”

Dessert makes sense but why coffee?

Well, coffee has caffeine in it and that’s real important for aiding digestion. It speeds up the bloodstream and gets you going again. You probably got up early to start the turkey or head on your way to grandma’s house. So you’re a little tired. You’ve been roughing around, a lot of excitement from seeing the friends, seeing the family you haven’t seen in at least a year and you’re getting all worked up and excited but now it’s all over with and your body’s exhausted so that’s what the coffee does. The caffeine kicks up your bloodstream a little bit and aids in digestion. Plus, coffee has antioxidants which helps block some of the iron coming into your bloodstream from all the meats.

On top of that, coffee has acid in it which also helps production and break down all the food that you just got done eating. In addition to the coffee kicking up your bloodstream and moving the stomach a little faster and helping with the churning process, it’s a warm liquid, so it helps keep your stomach up cause when you drink cold liquid it actually slows down digestion a little bit because your body has to warm the liquid up to digest it. Coffee is already warm so you know you’re good.

This month we feature Give Thanks, a blend of Colombian and Ethiopian Sidama coffees. Use the code THANKS15 at checkout for 15% off any coffee through the end of November. As you know, when you purchase your coffee from Sweetwater you’re helping pay small farmers a fair wage for their harvest and hard work, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Studies show that when people practice gratitude and actively reflect on things in their lives they are grateful for, the happier they are. Every November we release our Give Thanks Blend in a nod to the practice of gratitude and as an active thank you to all of our customers, producer partners and staff who make roasting fair trade, organic coffee possible. Enjoy our Give Thanks Blend during your own gratitude practice and drink it with friends and family. Its milk-chocolatey notes, lively acidity and fruity aroma are sure to inspire gratitude and the perfect ending to your holiday meal. Give thanks!

Checkout code: THANKS15 for 15% off any coffee purchase.