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Flash Brew: Ethiopia Sidama Coffee

Flash Brew: Ethiopia Sidama Coffee

Yes, you CAN make great iced coffee in under 5 minutes.  It's called a flash brew.  Here's how to brew it with our naturally processed Ethiopia Sidama Viennese coffee.

Overview of Flash Brew Method

First let's talk about what a flash brew is.   Basically, you substitute half of the water you would normally use with ice, and brew hot coffee directly on top of ice.  

For example, if you were going to use 212 grams of water with 12 grams of coffee, you'd split up the 212 grams  between ice and water. 

With a flash brew method, your brew time is shorter, because you're pouring less hot water over coffee grounds.  It's also sweeter.  The first few ounces of brewed coffee are generally the sweetest part of the overall beverage.  In a flash brew method, you're capturing the sweetest part of the brewing cycle over ice.  

So the big takeaways: it's fast, and it's tasty. 

If you've never flash-brewed before, it will take a little time to get comfortable with the idea of brewing hot coffee on top of ice.  But once you're comfortable, we're sure you'll love this method. You can experiment at home or follow the recipe below.     

How to Flash Brew Ethiopia Sidama Viennese

1. Assemble Materials

You'll need the coffee, a scale, a hot water kettle, a brewing device, a glass or carafe and most importantly... ICE.

2. Determine your Brew Recipe. 
(Or just use ours below) :)

12 grams Ethiopia Sidama Viennese
100 grams Ice
112 grams Hot Water
Brew Method: Flash Brew with a Hario V60

3. Get that Grind Size Right

This might be the most important part of the whole thing.  Grind size is really important here for a number of reasons.  Firstly, this is a really short brew time, so you will want the grind size to be fine enough so that you can extract the sugars and acids that make a brewed cup taste great.  But, you don't want the grind size too fine. This is a darker roast coffee, which means that it is more dehydrated than lighter roast coffees and can quickly over-extract (and leave bitter flavors) if the grind size is too fine.  

For flash-brewing our Ethiopia Sidama Viennese coffee, we suggest a medium-fine grind, as pictured below. 

4. Weigh out your Ice

For the sake of ease, weigh 100 grams of ice for your brew.  If you are a 2-5 grams over or under, that's fine too. 

5. Add Coffee Grounds to Filter 

Ice is below.  Hario V60 positioned on top of your cup.  Now it's time to add 12 grams of Sidama Viennese.

6. Brew using about 200 degree Fahrenheit Water

Once you've gotten your ice, and ground coffee in place, it's time to add the hot water.  This should be the same temperature you would use to brew a hot cup of coffee, between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.  

We recommend 200 degrees Fahrenheit- not so hot that we risk over extracting this dark roast, but not so cool that you don't get the most out of your short brew time. 

Before pouring the water, TARE YOUR SCALE so it reads zero.  

Pour hot water over your grinds until your scale reads about 24 grams.  Then, pause for 30 seconds and let your brew bed bloom.  

After 30 seconds, continue to pour in intervals, stopping when all grounds get saturated.  

You'll stop your pours when your scale reads 113 grams. 

7. Admire your Brew

Then you're done brewing.  The whole process takes less than 2 minutes. And you're left with about 7 fluid ounces of your melted-ice-and-brewed-coffee combo.  Taste it and note the body and flavor. 

8. Add Ice 

Now, convert your flash-brewed coffee into a colder, more "sessionable" 15-16 oz. beverage by adding ice.  You will still maintain the flavor components of the original beverage, but as the ice melts in your glass, the overall drink gets a bit more diluted.  But, hey, this is the South and it's the summer.... soooo... 

Flash Brew Ethiopia Sidama: Flavor Notes

Flash-brewed Sidama Viennese roast is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL.  

The dark roast profile creates richness and body, which offers a nice contrast to the cold ice.  It's also sweet.  And the cherry-berry notes from the natural processing method really shine without being overpowering or funky.  

Aroma: Distinct dark berry and cherry notes
Flavor: Sweet, buttery and rich with distinct notes of dark berry
Mouthfeel: Medium Body

This is tasty. You should try it.  SHOP ETHIOPIA SIDAMA VIENNESE NOW.

                                                            Ethiopia Sidama Viennese