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How to use Cold Brew Filter Packs

How to use Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold Brew is great to drink on its own.  But, it's also a key ingredient for some of the summer's best cold-coffee recipes.  

(In fact, we have a few fun Cold Brew recipes here).

So, How do You Make Cold Brew?  

Cold brewing is very simple.  All you need is coarsely ground coffee, a pitcher, filtered water and some time.  

Our own Coffee Education Coordinator Hannah Mercer demonstrated cold brew preparation in this Facebook Live video a few weeks ago. Here, she uses a French Press to make cold brew at home.

Basically, you combine coarse coffee with cold tap water and let it sit for several hours.  Then, you strain the brewed coffee mixture to remove the grounds, and voila- you've got cold-brew coffee.

What's Challenging about Making Cold Brew?

The clean-up. Really, the only hurdle when making Cold Brew at home is cleaning it up. Sure, figuring out your coffee-to-water ratio can be a challenge, but once you try brewing a couple of times, you will find a recipe that works for you. Cold brew clean-up is challenging for even the most seasoned of coffee drinkers. 

Coffee grounds swell after sitting with water for 12-24 hours, and they can be messy to clean up.  Grinds go everywhere.  They clog up your sink.  Even when you think you have them all, a few escape.  It's annoying.  

So, how do you avoid this?  Cold Brew Filter Packs.

Cold Brew Filter Packs: Easy to Use

These Cold Brew filter packs are easy-to-use, and easy to clean up.

1. Get our Cold Brew Filter Packs

Cold Brew Filter Packs

Each bag contains five pre-portioned filter packs that each holds 3.2 ounces of coarsely ground coffee. 

2. Remove a Filter Pack and Add Water

Find a pitcher, and combine one filter pack with 24-36 ounces of cold, filtered water. If you like stronger coffee, use less water.  

3. Let Sit for 12-24 Hours

Once the filter pack is fully submerged in water, let it sit for 12-24 hours.  The longer you let the coffee sit with the water, the stronger your Cold Brew will be.

4. Remove & Compost Filter Pack

After about 12 hours, your cold brew will be ready to drink.  Simply remove the filter pack and discard it in your compost pile.

5. Pour Yourself a Glass & Refrigerate the Rest

When you remove your filter, pack, your Cold Brew is ready to pour over ice and serve.

Store the remaining Cold Brew in the refrigerator.  It will be good for up to seven days.

Use Cold Brew for Iced Coffee Drinks

Once you have Cold Brew at home, you can use it as an ingredient for a variety of other drinks.