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The Feelings A Cup Of Coffee Evokes feat. Coffee Educator Hannah Mercer

Hannah Mercer calls herself a coffee magician but she’s actually a certified coffee educator who trains professional baristas at our Specialty Coffee Association Premier Training Campus in Americus, GA. She oversees coffee education training for Sweetwater Coffee Co., conducting cuppings for quality control, writing our tasting notes, and working full-time with many of our wholesale clients.

When you drink Sweetwater Organic Coffee you are connected to the people who make it. Imagine everyone who drinks a cup of coffee in the morning, that’s one way you can feel the connection. You’re connected to men and women who sell coffee in Sumatra and you’re also connected to rich indigenous cultures. You’re connected to a global community of coffee drinkers and producers. Finally, you’re connected at the community level through the coffeehouses you support.

Eva Ave. Speaks With Coffee Educator Hannah Mercer

It should always make you feel good.

“It should not just caffeinate you and kind of get you through your morning, but it should improve it,” Hannah Mercer said. “I always say there are very few things in life a cup of coffee can’t make better. So if your coffee isn’t making your life better, why are you drinking it? Also kind of something, everything in my life has to be value-added.”

Maybe some people aren’t realizing they aren’t enjoying it. Like they don’t know how much better it could be. They could do a little pleasure research with coffees from Fair Trade farms.

“I would say if you’ve never had a cup of coffee and been like, ‘WOW that’s a really good cup of coffee,’ then that provides a start, an opportunity for you to start exploring and try different ones and see what you can change about your morning coffee routine that improves it,” she said. “One thing about me, because I focus on where coffee comes from and how it was prepared, the most important thing isn’t necessarily that my coffee MAKES MY DAY but that it doesn’t make me feel icky. I can’t enjoy a cup of coffee unless I know that it came from a decent place. I don’t think people understand there’s a very complicated supply chain and many people have been involved with your cup of coffee before you take that first sip. That’s whether you’re brewing it in a bag or getting it from a barista.”

It’s important to always keep in mind, she said, that we are interacting with many different cultures, and knowing the story behind the coffee brings the coffee out more than anything.

“For me, that’s a really important part of it,” Hannah said. “As a professional barista, I have had the pleasure and honor to sample the most expensive coffees in the world. Because there’s no guarantee everyone in the supply chain was taken care of, I’m always left going can I feel good about this cup? Cause it’s not enough for it to be delicious.”

The feelings a cup of coffee should evoke? “It should make you feel awesome and prepared and ready for the day. It should give you a sense of sense of community - your coffee should bring to mind all of the people you’re connected to in the world.”

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