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​The Gift of Coffee: Get 20% off in November

​The Gift of Coffee: Get 20% off in November

Tis the season for coffee gift-giving

Coffee drinkers LOVE freshly roasted, fair trade, organic coffee. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a coffee-drinker, and you know this already. But even if great coffee has become the norm in your life, it's still a treat to get coffee as a gift.

So what better time to delight coffee drinkers than the holiday season? 

Read-up for some great ideas on how to gift coffee in November and December.

20% off All Coffees in November

As a thank you to our customers, we are offering 20% off all coffees through the end of November. 

Use code thanks20 at online checkout to get 20% off your favorite coffee.

With a discount like this, you can stockpile our Give Thanks blend, which is only available in November, and share it with guests at Thanksgiving. Then, you can order Good Morning Gainesville, High Spirits or another great coffee to give as gifts throughout December.

Take Advantage of Our Seasonal Coffees

There are a handful of coffees in our line-up that only make it out once a year.  As the holidays come on the horizon, Ghost Roast disappears (Boo!). But in its place are two fantastic blends that are hallmarks of the holidays.

Give Thanks Seasonal Blend

Give Thanks blend has a milk-chocolate flavor, a lively acidity and a fruity aroma.  It is designed to encourage drinkers to take a moment and practice gratitude.  Enjoy this coffee in November and part of December.  

High Spirits Seasonal Blend

Making its appearance in December (and right now in 8 oz. corporate gift bags - see below), High Spirits features dark chocolate flavors and dark berries with a hint of earthy-clove spice.  Don't miss this beauty during its seasonal winter appearance in December and January.

Corporate Gift-giving with High Spirits

If you want to get a jump on High Spirits, consider offering it as a gift to clients or customers.  Corporate gift-giving options feature High Spirits in smaller 8 oz. bags and are available for purchase now. Learn more about corporate gifting here.

Coffee Gift Certificates

Don’t know what type of coffee drinker you’re buying for? Let them choose their own coffee. 

A gift certificate is a great way to tell a coffee lover that you’re thinking of them without the worry of wondering whether they’ll like what you’ve selected.

Gift Certificates are delivered via email and are available in any amount from $10 to $1,000 (for your super-coffee-lovers). 

Select a gift certificate here.

Stocking up on Coffee? Keep it Fresh

You can take advantage of our November discount and still gift fresh coffee for the holidays.  Remember: whole-bean coffee when kept in airtight packaging (like the bags it arrives in) is freshest when consumed up to three months from its roast date. So, you can order coffee in November and still have great-tasting coffee at the end of December (just don’t open the bag).

If you’re buying ground coffee, we recommend using it within one month of when you get it from us.

Coffee loses its freshness when it gets exposed to air, light or extreme temperatures, so try to keep those variables in control for optimum flavor. The best way to do that is to put your sealed coffee bag in a cabinet until you're ready to use it (or gift it).  Don't put coffee in the fridge or freezer, because that can dehydrate coffee, or worse- a fridge can impart food aromas to your coffee beans.

Excited about Coffee Gifting? Share thanks20

Now that you're empowered with a discount and coffee-buying knowledge, are you ready to go coffee crazy?  Go for it.  And tell others. Share our November discount with friends. 

Just remember, you MUST enter the code thanks20 to get the discount.

Cheers and Happy (Coffee) Shopping!