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UF's Coffee Research Symposium: We're there. You should be too.

UF's Coffee Research Symposium: We're there.  You should be too.

Join us this week at the University of Florida’s Oct. 17-19 Coffee Research Symposium as we showcase our business model, brew up some fair trade, organic coffee and advocate for small-scale coffee farmers.

Sweetwater is the lead sponsor for the UF coffee symposium, which will kick-off at Turlington Plaza on campus at 11 a.m. on Thursday, October 17. Lectures from academics and industry professionals will run from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Friday and Saturday at the Aloft Hotel. UF students and faculty attend for free. Two-day tickets for the general public are $20. Register online at:

Sweetwater Speakers at UF Coffee Research Symposium

Our CEO Tripp Pomeroy will speak at 2 p.m. on Friday about our commitment to source 100% of our coffees from farmer-owned cooperatives and how that decision can positively impact farmer communities at coffee origin.

He will also explain Sweetwater’s unique experience as a member-owner of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative of roasters that will this year source nearly 5 million pounds of certified organic, fair trade coffee from small-scale farmers.

Bill Harris, a Sweetwater co-owner, founded Cooperative Coffees in 2000. He will join Cooperative Coffees General Manager Ed Canty to deliver the symposium’s keynote address on Friday night. Concurrent to the UF symposium, Cooperative Coffees is hosting its annual general meeting (AGM), in Gainesville. Learn more about AGM's and Sweetwater's role in hosting Cooperative Coffees’ 2019 AGM.

Hannah Mercer, Sweetwater’s coffee education coordinator, will also present during the symposium. She will discuss the Specialty Coffee Association’s role in setting worldwide standards for coffee education. Hannah is an Authorized SCA Trainer who has awarded more than 100 SCA Coffee Skills Program certificates to baristas and other coffee professionals who have successfully completed SCA Brewing or Barista classes. Hannah will speak at 12 p.m. on Saturday at the Aloft Hotel.

Florida-based Coffee Experts at Symposium

Don’t forget to check out some of the other great speakers who will be attending the symposium. Dan Bailey from nearby Amavida Coffee, another Cooperative Coffees member, will talk about the efforts Amavida has taken to reduce its carbon footprint.

Interested in coffee and climate change? Check out UF Ph.D. Student Emily Pappo’s discussion on water resistance in select Arabica cultivars on Friday. Coffee and migration? Dr. Catherine M. Tucker, professor of Anthropology and Latin American studies, will help explain why farmers are leaving their homes in search of work in other places. Coffee Quality? Local Q Grader and coffee shop owner Anthony Rue of Volta will explain how coffee is tasted and scored. What about how to brew your best cup of coffee? Tallahassee-based barista Jason Card of Journeyman coffee will outline variables that impact coffee brewing on Saturday.

How to Get Coffee Symposium Tickets

So. Much. To. See.  And the best part is that if you are UF student or faculty, your ticket is free.  Two-day tickets for the general public are only $20.   But everyone must register.

  Learn more about the line-up.