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We are Taking the Price Transparency Pledge

We are Taking the Price Transparency Pledge

We believe that price transparency is a critical step in creating fairness along the coffee supply chain. 

Today, coffee companies around the world have joined together to take the pricing transparency pledge.  We are agreeing on a common code of reporting for green coffee purchases.

Currently, we make public our Free on Board (FOB) pricing.  FOB pricing is the price paid to farmer cooperatives for the green coffee we source and roast.  You can access those prices by clicking on the lot numbers in our Current Coffee Lots page.  

Going forward, we are committing to provide even more transparency.

Over the next several months, you will be able to see the length of our trading relationships, the cupping scores of our green coffees and the amount of each coffee we purchase, in addition to the FOB pricing.  We are committing to this increased level of transparency as a part of the Transparency Pledge.

The Transparency Pledge is bringing together roasting and importing companies around the world in an effort to create change in the specialty coffee industry.

Currently, the specialty coffee industry is built on the labor of underpaid farmers.  The C market that sets the worldwide benchmark for green specialty coffee pricing does not reflect farmers' true costs of production.  It does, however, impact how much farmers get paid.

The industry is in a pricing crisis, and farmers around the world are being forced to look for work elsewhere. To stop this trend, and make coffee truly sustainable, farmers must earn more money.  For farmers to earn more money, we all need to start talking about what we can and have paid for green coffee. This is a first step in that process.  

We are proud to stand alongside the below companies in a collective effort to correct a broken industry.

TraidCraft of the United Kingdom; Cooperative Coffees of North America; Transcend Coffee + Roastery of Canada; Coffee Collective of Denmark; Flying Roasters of Germany; QuijoteKaffee of Germany; Cross Coffee of Germany; Sweetwater Organic Coffee of Florida, USA; Seven Seeds Coffee of Australia; Onyx Coffee Lab of Oklahoma, USA; Tim Wendelboe of Norway; Junior’s Roasted Coffee of Oregon, USA and Counter Culture Coffee of North Carolina, USA.

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We hope it inspires you to demand more from your coffee.