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Where To Find Sweetwater Organic Coffee on University of Florida Campus 2021

UF is back in session and you’re looking for the best coffee spots on campus; that delicious shadegrown, fairtrade organic pro-farmer coffee you keep hearing about. Here’s the list!

Pugh Hall

Located at 296 Buckman Dr, Gainesville, FL

They serve Sweetwater Organic Coffee as drip coffee in the convenience store on the first floor of the building.

Gator Corner Dining Center

Located on the corner of Gale Lemerand Dr. and Stadium Road, Gainesville, FL

Serving Dark Side Blend and Black Dog as drip coffee and lattes.

-Dark Side is a blend of bold Latin American coffees offering a full-bodied aromatic cup. Made with 100% organic, fair trade, and specialty-grade Arabica coffees, this blend is sure to stand up to even the heaviest doses of cream and sugar. Aroma: Cinnamon, Malt, Chocolate | Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Tea, Mild Smoke

-Black Dog is a full-bodied Viennese Roast Espresso with fierce, beautifully thick crema and delicious dark chocolate berry flavor. Our champion espresso is blended with Mexico and Ethiopian Sidama Natural organic coffees. 

Aroma: Black currant, dark berries, and cocoa | Flavor: Dark chocolate, cola, mellow-sweet blueberry undertones

Fresh Food Company at Broward Dining

1560 Inner Dr. University of Florida Gainesville, FL

Pick up a cup of Fair Harvest Blend or Red Dog Espresso

-Fair Harvest is a blend of Latin American coffees. This sweet, nutty coffee is an easy-drinking crowd favorite. Made with 100% organic, fair trade, and specialty-grade Arabica coffees, this blend is sure to please.

Aroma: Sweet, Caramel | Flavor: Honey, Chocolate, Almonds

-We've updated our Red Dog Espresso using a blend of Colombian coffee from ASOANEI and beans from the Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative (CPC) in Laos. The Colombian beans give this dog its brightness while the Lao adds the creamy body.

Aroma: Herbal, light fruit | Flavor: Rich with hints of berry 

Chomp & Go at Hough Hall

They serve Sweetwater and offer cold brew

Classic Fare Catering also uses Sweetwater for events on campus.

Have a great semester everyone-- we are thrilled to be able to fuel you through your classes and study sessions.