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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

FOG Lifter Medium - Florida Organic Growers Full City Roast

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THE ORGANIC TRAIL - FROM FLORIDA TO THE COFFEE LANDS - Imagine a world free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides!

Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc. (FOG) and Sweetwater have partnered to share in our commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture through healthy farming options and just food systems. Since 1987, FOG has been an integral player in the growth and development of the organic food movement.

FOG’s alliance with Sweetwater benefits coffee farmers across the globe. Building the organic marketplace creates safer and healthier living conditions and promotes environmental stewardship for farmworkers and farm partners, and their communities. Our missions align to create a cleaner, safer world. We hope yours does too!

A portion of the proceeds from this purchase supports FOG’s efforts in blazing the organic trail. Learn more by visiting

Cupping Notes:
Aroma: Mild, sweet, delicate perfumed citrus
Flavor: Cane sugar, lemon drop candy
Aftertaste: Almonds, lemongrass
Acidity: Medium
Body: Full
Balance: Balanced and consistent
Overall/Notes: A versatile blend for any brew method and many types of coffee drinkers. Exciting flavors enveloped in inviting sweetness.

1 lb $15.95
Short Desc:
Triple whammy... by purchasing this coffee, you get to enjoy our Deep Roots Blend along with supporting Fair Trade and Florida Organic Growers (FOG) with whom we have partnered to promote sustainability... from crop to cup! See below for more info.

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