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Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper 185

Short Description:
The Kalita Wave is a Sweetwater in-house favorite. It's a great introduction to manual pour-over brewing, as it requires less finesse than other brewers in its class.
Brand:  Kalita
    The Kalita Wave is a unique pour-over brewer in that it has a flat bottom with three small holes for a more controlled brew. This effectively slows down the process and allows the water to stay in contact with all of the coffee in the basket for a greater amount of time. Other cone-shaped brewers, while also capable of producing a fabulous cup of Joe, require more attention and finesse to the pour technique. For this reason, we find that the Wave is a consistent performer that requires less input from the user, which can be a windfall in the wee hours of the morning! This sturdy little brewer is also great for traveling.

    Please note: glass carafe not included.

    Fair Trade Proof CertifiedDid you know you can trace our current coffee lots to follow the path of our coffee beans from crop to cup? In fact, you can find all of our coffee contracts at We take pride in knowing exactly where our coffee comes from and sharing that information with our customers. We believe that transparency makes fairness possible, because it makes hiding the truth impossible.

    Sweetwater Organic Coffee is proud to be a member of Cooperative Coffees, a cooperative of independent roasters throughout the US and Canada who are committed to fair trade as a long-term partnership between farmers and roasters. For us, paying a fair price is just the beginning of this relationship. Our trade model includes pre-financing, sharing information, and working together to create higher quality coffee and build sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their exporting cooperatives, families, and communities.

    Kalita Wave Coffee Brewing : Intensive (04:46)
    No music. No edits. Just the sights and sounds of pourover coffee brewing, and some running subtitled commentary. I've had lots of requests for more in-depth brewing tips for the Kalita Wave dripper, so here you go. Hope it's helpful! For more a more basic introduction to the Kalita Wave dripper, check out my other video:
    • Kalita Wave Coffee Brewing : Intensive
      No music. No edits. Just the sights and sounds of pourover cof...

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