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Fair Trade, Organic Wholesale Coffee

Located in Gainesville, Florida Sweetwater Organic Coffee supplies coffee houses, natural foods markets, co-ops, restaurants, fundraising groups, and other organizations across the country with some of the best specialty-grade, gourmet coffee in the United States. All of our coffee is fair trade, organic, shade grown Arabica. We also offer a complete selection of coffee house beverage supplies, including syrups, smoothie and frappe bases, and certified compostable cups, making Sweetwater Organic Coffee your one-stop shop for sustainable coffee house essentials. Learn more about our wholesale program by calling us today at 352-372-8342. You can also fill out our Wholesale Inquiry Form and we will get back with you within one business day. Our Commitment to You

  • Friendly, competent, personal service
  • Great fresh-roasted fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee
  • Prompt, accurate delivery
  • Business “by the golden rule”
  • Orders are generally shipped within one business day
  • Rigorous quality control from crop to cup

Our Coffee

  • All fair trade, organic, shade grown coffees
  • Diverse offering of single origins, blends, espressos, and decafs
  • Natural water process decaffeinated coffees
  • 100% specialty grade Arabica coffee

Training and Learning Opportunities

  • "On-the-job" training for baristas at either of our roasteries or our new coffee house in Americus, Georgia
  • Fair trade training, coffee education, and cupping
  • Opportunities to join us on trading partner visits -- meet the farmers who grow your coffee!

And More

  • Coffee House Essentials: We also provide teas, syrups, sweeteners, cups, lids, stir sticks, and other items you need to keep your coffee house running smoothly.
  • Equipment: Our team will help you get set up with the right equipment vendors.
  • Marketing: We can help support your marketing in a variety of ways, including POS materials, special events, and promotions support.


Sweetwater Organic Coffee has been roasting great coffee in sunny Gainesville, Florida since 2005. We buy our coffees directly from small scale farmer coops around the world... all of which is 100% fair trade, organic, specialty grade and shade grown. All of our coffee is fresh-roasted in micro-batches to ensure that you get some of the world's best coffee and crop-to-cup experience.

Our mission and passion is to import and roast extraordinary fair trade, organic coffee from our long-time cooperative trading partners throughout the world. We invite you to join us on this coffee journey - literally and figuratively. We want our wholesale customers to visit our trading partners and to build direct relationships with farming communities. We believe that building these direct trading relationships will change your business and create customer loyalty for you... and we know that you and your customers will love our coffee!

Fair Trade, Organic Coffee

We offer a variety of single origin coffees, blended coffees, decafs and half-caff coffees, and espresso blends. Our coffee selection varies based on the available seasonable supply from our producer partners so your coffee is always fresh. We recommend that coffee is left as whole bean until just prior to brewing, but we also offer auto-drip, French press, percolator, espresso, and Turkish grind styles.

All of our coffee is fresh-roasted in one of four styles: Light Roast, Full City Roast, Viennese Roast, or French Roast.


Our minimum order is only 10 pounds (you can mix and match any quantity/bag size) and order turnaround time is generally one business day so you always receive freshly roasted coffee about as quickly as possible. Available bags sizes include the resale sizes of 12 oz. and 1 lb., or bulk sizes of 2 lbs. and 5 lbs. Learn more about wholesale ordering.

Coffee House Essentials

In addition to providing the best fair trade, organic coffee, Sweetwater Organic Coffee also provides wholesale coffee accessories and supplies. From all-natural sweeteners to fair trade, organic teas to compostable hot cups to organic cleaners for equipment, we can be your one-stop shop for sustainable coffee house essentials. Contact us at 352.372.8342 for more information.

Marketing Support Sweetwater Organic Coffee provides marketing support in a variety of ways, including POS materials such as table tents, now serving/offering signs, bin cards, airpot labels, and coffee farmer profiles. We also can help with special events and promotions support. Contact us at 352.372.8342 for more information.

Training and Equipment Support

We have an Authorized Specialty Coffee Association Trainer on-staff, and offer SCA curriculum through our Coffee Training Lab.  Learn more about upcoming Barista and Brewing classes online.  

As a roaster of fair trade organic coffee, all of which is specialty grade, shade grown Arabica, Sweetwater is intensely focused on roasting some of the world’s best coffee, building community, and supporting our hard working coffee farmer partners throughout the world. However, we know that many of our customers, new and old, have equipment needs. ​We also know that ​the right equipment and ​reliable, professional service are ​of critical importance ​to ​you and ​your business​. And, the reality is, there are companies out there who know equipment, installation and service like we know our coffee​ and who, frankly, can ​do a way better job​ for you than we can​!​ So, to support our customers who need ​​equipment and service​, Sweetwater has set up alliances with a select group of equipment companies who share our commitment to fairness, value and transparency.​​ Call us to learn more and let us know how we can help.

UPCs Available

Unless otherwise specified, our wholesale orders will ship without Universal Product Codes on bags. If you need UPCs (bar codes) on your products, please let us know when you set up your account. We are happy to provide them when needed.

Private Labeling

Sweetwater Organic Coffee can offer private labeling for qualified customers who are interested in branding Sweetwater-roasted coffees as their own. Minimum orders and set-up fees apply, and all labels must be approved and on-file with our organic certifier. Please contact us to learn more about private labeling with Sweetwater Organic Coffee.

Our minimum order is only 10 pounds, our customer service is exceptional, and we generally turn around orders in one business day, so you always receive freshly roasted coffee as quickly as possible. Contact us today to start your partnership with Sweetwater Organic Coffee. Placing Orders

  • Phone: Call us at 352-372-8342 to place your order (Monday-Friday, 8am - 4pm EST)
  • Fax: Fax your order to 407-540-9699
  • Email: Wholesale orders can be placed via email - tina at

Low Minimum Order We make it easy -- our minimum is only 10 lbs. per order and you can mix and match any quantity/bag size to meet the minimum order requirement. We encourage small, regular orders to keep your inventory and the coffee you serve as fresh as possible. Packaging Bulk coffee packaging: Our bulk coffee is packaged in 2 lb. and 5 lb. bags with the Sweetwater Organic Coffee brand label. We offer two types of bags:

  • Foil bags: Heat-sealed, foil-laminate bags with a one-way valve. These barrier bags seal out moisture, oxygen, and light, providing for an extended shelf life.
  • Kraft bags: Natural paper bags recommended for customers who will be transferring the coffee to a different storage container upon receipt of the delivery, or for those who will be consuming the coffee fairly quickly (within about one week).

Retail coffee packaging: Many of our wholesale bulk customers also resell Sweetwater Organic Coffee in our 12 oz. or 1 lb. bags. We will gladly roast and package any combination of bulk coffee and retail bags that create about a 20 pound minimum order. Grinding We encourage leaving coffee as whole bean until just prior to brewing. However, when this is not possible, we will pre-grind your coffee. We offer Auto-Drip, French Press, Percolator, Espresso, and Turkish grind options. Grind fees apply to all ground coffee wholesale orders. Samples If you are opening a coffee shop and are looking for a roaster, we would love for you to consider Sweetwater Organic Coffee. To help you get to know our coffees, we will send you three free samples of our coffee, though we ask that you pay the cost of shipping, which is based on UPS published rates for standard ground service. Additional samples may be purchased at our wholesale price level. Terms of Sale

  • Credit Card: Many of our customers prefer to pay by credit card to streamline the bookkeeping associated with their purchases. We accept all major credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
  • Checks: Check payments are accepted, but orders are held for release until payment is received unless delivery is C.O.D.
  • Credit -- Net 15 Days: To establish a Net 15 credit account with us, we require immediate payment of your first two orders. Net 15 Day terms can be granted after the first two payments have been made successfully. Granting Net 15 Day terms without immediate payment of the first two orders is possible with a completed credit application, but credit applications may take 10 business days or more to process.

Resale Certificate Resellers of Sweetwater Organic Coffee coffee must provide Sweetwater Organic Coffee with a copy of their current resale certificate. Wholesale customers without a resale certificate on-file will be charged tax. Shipping Information Wholesale bulk orders generally ship within one business day. We currently ship orders using UPS standard ground service. Shipping charges are based on their published rates. If you are located in the Gainesville area, Jacksonville area, or surrounding region, you may be eligible for Sweetwater Organic Coffee’s weekly delivery, which will likely offer better delivery fees than shipping via UPS. If you think you might be eligible for weekly deliveries, please let us know at the time you set up your wholesale account. Returns If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your coffee, please notify us at 352-372-8342 within three days of receiving your shipment.

For more information please fill out our contact form.