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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Give Thanks

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Studies show that when people practice gratitude and actively reflect on the things in their lives that they are grateful for, the happier they are.  Every November we release our "Give Thanks" blend in a nod to the practice of gratitude and as an active thank you to all of our customers, producer partners and staff who make roasting fair trade, organic coffee possible.  Enjoy our "Give Thanks" blend during your own gratitude practice or share it with friends.  Its milk-chocolatey flavor, lively acidity and fruity aroma are sure to inspire gratitude. Give thanks!


  • Aroma: Cocoa and fruit
  • Flavor: Milk chocolate, vanilla, coconut, fresh berries
  • Aftertaste: Cocoa and stone fruit
  • Acidity: Medium, lively
  • Body: Medium-full
  • Balance: Nicely balanced, clean yet complex
  • Overall/Notes: A very clean, lively, and balanced cup. A big velvety body with pleasantly sweet and subtle fruit flavors.

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