Our Roast Styles

Our coffee offering includes a broad variety of single origin coffees, blended coffees, espressos, and natural water process decaffeinated coffees, roasted-to-order using the following styles:

Light Roast (Light)
A lighter, more flavorful roast characterized by light to medium smooth body, high, clean acidity, and bright flavor. The bean will be dry and brown with no surface oil.

Full City Roast (Medium)
This roast is a medium brown. The bean may be dry or have faint patches of oil on the surface.  Rich and flavorful, this roast retains the bright flavor and smoothness of our lighter roast and gains the body and sweetness of darker roasts.

Viennese Roast (Medium Dark)
A medium dark roast.  These roasts have the richness of French Roast without the carbon-smoky flavor.  The bean will be dark reddish brown and only slightly oily.

French Roast (Dark)
Our darkest roast.  These coffees have a very bold and rich, caramel-smoky and syrupy flavor.  The bean will be dark brown with a shiny surface. Caramelized, not carbonized!