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  • More than 20 coffees are available for subscription
  • 15% off on all Subscribe and Save Coffees
  • Free Shipping on all Orders totaling more than $50 
  • A variety of roast profiles, origins, blends and price-points are available for subscription
  • You can ship every week, two weeks, four week or six weeks

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Additional Perks of Sweetwater's Subscribe and Save Coffee Program 

If the above weren't enough to sell you on our Subscribe and Save Coffee program, here's what else you will always get from your Sweetwater coffee shipments:

  • Freshly Roasted Coffee Always Ships from Sweetwater- (we roast Monday-Friday!)
  • Certified Organic- all Subscribe and Save Coffees are Organic 
  • Fair Trade- All Subscribe and Save Coffees are Fair Trade
  • All Coffees are Sourced through Long-term Relationships with Small-Scale Farmers worldwide
  • Your Purchase Supports a Small Business operating in Sunny Gainesville, Florida (thank you!)

How do I Sign-Up for Your Subscribe and Save Coffee Program?

Find the coffee you like in our web store. Look for the words: "SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE  15%" in the coffee description. Select your shipping interval.  (We offer shipments every 1, 2, 4 or 6 weeks.)  Add it to your cart. 

Once you choose your preferred shipping schedule, you'll see your Subscribe and Save coffee discount in the cart.

Can I Change my Subscribe and Save Coffee Shipments?

Absolutely. If you want to change something about your Subscribe and Save Coffee program, you can.  Once you have a subscription log-in, you can easily change your coffees selection, shipping interval, next ship dates shipping address and more.


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