Purpose Vision and Core Values

Our Purpose: 

Partner with small-scale coffee farmers, connect communities, and inspire conscious consumption... one great cup of coffee at a time.

We do this by:

  • Roasting and brewing fantastic organic, fair trade coffee;

  • Building long term friendships and direct business relationships with farmers and their communities;

  • Getting more money into the hands of hard working coffee farmers;

  • Working to help our customers to succeed; and

  • Building a community within and around our company - one smile, helping hand, and pat on the back at a time.

Our Vision:

A business world in which open, honest, fair, and direct relationships connect and positively impact producers and consumers and everyone in between.

Our Core Values:

  1. Be Fair (Fair Trade)
  2. Build Community
  3. Celebrate People
  4. Walk the Talk
  5. Do the Right Thing
  6. Smiling Customers