Ethiopia Sidama Viennese Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee Shibute Tafara, washing station manager for SCFCU Fero Coop, oversees each step from cherry to final parchment drying and quality selection. Teams of men and women move the washed parchment throughout the day to assure even drying and to pick out any visible defects. SCFCU cooperatives maintain local tree nurseries, to support their members in their on-going field renovation plantings. Cooperative Coffees Producer visit to the SCFCU coffee cooperative.

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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Ethiopia Sidama Viennese Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Availability: 1 lb $15.95 | 2 lb $31.20 | 5 lb $77.25
Short Description: Ethiopia Sidama Natural Viennese Roast, full bodied coffee and somewhat wild in the cup, with soft floral, lush berry and stone fruit aromatics. Profound, layered fruit flavor.
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Deep spice, berry, and chocolate flavors gush from this beautiful coffee from the Sidama Province of Ethiopia. The fruity aroma comes from the natural (unwashed) drying process used in processing this coffee cherry. The complex combination of wild berries, bananas, and vanilla blend together with a smoky base that works especially well in a French Press for your coffee drinking pleasure.

From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Smoky, blueberries, medicinal
  • Flavor: Chocolate covered blueberries, rich malty vanilla, some red wine notes
  • Aftertaste: Lingering, bitter sweet chocolate, slightly drying
  • Acidity: Medium, soft
  • Body: Heavy and fudgy
  • Balance: Balance leaning towards body
  • Overall/Notes: Wonderful flavors of cocoa bitters, blueberries immersed in dark chocolate, and vanilla extract come together to present a divinely chewy coffee that tends to linger on your tongue.

Ethiopia Sidama Viennese makes for a great flash-brew (iced) coffee.  Get our recommended brew recipe here.

Details About the Ethiopia - SCFCU Coffee Cooperative:

  • Organization: Founded in 2001 Comprised of 80,000 members
  • Geographic Region: Sidama Region
  • Altitude: 1700 -1950 meters above sea level
  • Certifications: Organic CERES Certified; Fairtrade International (FLO)
  • Varietals: Arabica – Heirloom

Read more on their profile page. Track your coffee to the origin on our Fair Trade Proof dot Org website.

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Customer Reviews (8)

Recommended to me, and I’m so glad I tried it!

This tastes great every time. It’s one of my favorites from Sweetwater. Barbara

sweet and refined

delicious roast and very fresh and aromatic. a very special coffee! Lewis

Berry, berry good!

The berries and chocolate and the nice blend of a dark coffee. Oh yeah!! St Aug


In full disclosure, I love Ethiopian beans, but this roast is spectacular. Very easy to drink. Excellent aroma. Fantastic. Dustin

Try this one

Rich full flavor!! John Kato
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