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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Ghost Roast Spooky Blend

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Sumatra and Mexico Full City roasts mingle together to give you a delightful hint of Autumn in your cup. Embrace the changing seasons with this subtly complex, sweet, full bodied blend. Soft citric acidity with notes of plum, vanilla, milk chocolate, and spice. Give it a try... if you dare! We can't promise this coffee won't haunt your dreams.

From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Cinnamon, complex
  • Flavor: Sweet with cinnamon, mild fruit, vanilla, milk chocolate, mild spice, complex
  • Aftertaste: Dark chocolate fudge
  • Acidity: Medium, soft citric
  • Body: Full, rich
  • Balance: Complex, leaning towards body and sweetness
  • Overall/Notes: Full, sweet, smooth, rich, complex, mysterious. Invite cooler weather and spooky fall fun with this blend that's specially crafted to intrigue.
mild fruit
1 lb $12.95 | 2 lb $25.20 | 5 lb $62.25
Short Description:
A spooky blend of seasonal coffees that will leave you screaming for more. Ghost Roast is a blend of our Sumatra and Mexico roasts. It has a full body and notes of vanilla, plum and spice. Catch this coffee while you can... Limited Time Only.

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