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High Spirits Winter Blend

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We crafted this blend with the thoughts of loved ones in mind. It's the time of year for camp fires, gathering of friends and family, singing, dancing, and having a mug of something warm for the hands and the heart. Enjoy the flavors of dark chocolate and dark berries touched with a nip of earthy-clove spice. It's big bodied and complex with a very mild acidity, which means your mug can be filled to the brim all day long. 


Cupping Notes:

Aroma: Dark chocolate, blueberries
Flavor: Chocolate covered blueberries, red wine, clove
Aftertaste: Vanilla, clove
Acidity: Medium-low
Body: Big and full
Balance: Very well balanced, slightly leaning toward body
Overall/Notes: Thick chocolate dominates, followed immediately by a pleasant blueberry note, ending with spice and vanilla. Big bodied, low acid, and warming.

2 Reviews

Cris Crisler 15th Dec 2016

Pleasant all-day blend

I love the low acidity. An infinitely drinkable cup with loads of flavor. A new favorite.

Happy coffee drinker 31st Dec 2015

Winter Surprise

Normally, I prefer a French Roast such as Jumpstart French Roast or Cafe Cubano. I decided to try this as I
was curious about trying a seasonal blend. I'm very glad I did! This coffee really has a wonderful chocolate
quality to it. I also enjoy the milder acidity. I hope it stays around past winter!

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