SCA Premier Training Campus in Americus GA

Professional Coffee Training - Making Great Coffee Drinks 

A good cup of coffee starts your day off right.   A great cup of coffee gets your attention. 

We want your attention.  We want to tell you about the work that goes into hand-picking and farming certified organic, fair trade coffee.  We want you to know that purchasing coffee from small-scale farmers helps communities support themselves.   We want to share the power of farmer-owned cooperatives and the impact a collaborative approach to business can have on individuals.

But first, we must brew great cups of coffee.  That means understanding and controlling the brewing variables that affect a cup of coffee. 

Classes that meet the Specialty Coffee Association's Global Standards

A cup of coffee's flavor is affected by more than just your water-to-coffee ratio.  Coffee grind-size, freshness, water temperature, length of brew time and water quality can all affect the quality of your brewed coffee and ultimately the experience a customer has with Sweetwater Organic Coffee.

We offer classes that help you learn and control those variables.   Students who successfully complete SCA classes can advance through the SCA's Coffee Skills Program that is designed to educate coffee professionals around the world.  

SCA Classes CURRENTLY PAUSED due to Covid-19

We have currently paused our SCA class offering due to Covid-19.  If you are interested in learning more about these classes, which include: SCA Intro to Coffee + Barista & Brewing Foundations, SCA Barista and Brewing Intermediate, and SCA Barista and Brewing Professional classes,  visit this site.  

Training for Customers

We want our customers to be successful.  If you are a Sweetwater customer looking for professional coffee training, please talk to Location Manager Tina Adkins. 

You can contact her at