Florida Organic Growers Special Blends

Posted by Tripp Pomeroy on 21st Dec 2016

Florida Organic Growers Special Blends

THE ORGANIC TRAIL - FROM FLORIDA TO THE COFFEE LANDSImagine a world free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides!

Double... maybe even triple whammy! Sweetwater Organic Coffee & Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc. (FOG) have partnered to share in our commitment to organic and sustainable agriculture through healthy farming options and just food systems. 

This new partnership offers a spectacular opportunity for coffee-lovers who support Fair Trade and the organic food movement to boost not only Sweetwater Organic Coffee and our work as fair traders but also the important work of FOG in growing and developing the organic food movement (double whammy!) in the great state of Florida and beyond (whammy number 3)!

Sweetwater now offers two blends to benefit our friends at FOG - the FOG Lifter Medium Blend and FOG Lifter Dark Blend.  When you purchase either or both of these two tasty coffees from Sweetwater, Sweetwater will donate 10% of the proceeds to FOG to support their efforts in blazing the organic trail.  To order your FOG Lifter coffee, visit sweetwaterorganiccoffee.com.  To learn more about FOG, visit www.foginfo.org.