Employee Spotlight: 5 Questions With Vinnie

19th May 2022

Employee Spotlight: 5 Questions With Vinnie

We have an incredible crew at Sweetwater. With that mind, every now and again we like to take the time to highlight the great people that transform our farmer-partners’ expertly-grown raw beans into the incredible cup of coffee that you enjoy on a daily basis.

Today we are talking with our good friend and colleague Vinnie. Social media, marketing, and community outreach are all in his domain. Through those mediums he spreads the good word about Sweetwater, but what else makes him tick? Read on to find out...

Sweetwater: What is your role at Sweetwater?

Vinnie: I do online marketing, community outreach, and social media here at Sweetwater. I was a lover of the coffee and model for the business before starting to do work for Sweetwater and that made it much easier to step into the various roles.

SW: How long have you been working with Sweetwater?

Vinnie: I’ve been here a year officially, but was around for a few more than that bothering Tripp and Tina. Like I mentioned, I’ve been a long time fan of the coffee and culture.

SW: Are you a coffee drinker? If so, how did you discover coffee?

Vinnie: I’m a long time coffee drinker and lucky enough to travel extensively trying different coffee around the world. My first coffee experience was in my late teens in Costa Rica. It was the beginning of a long relationship of looking for coffee and being caffeinated.

SW: If you were stranded on a desert island with one coffee and one song, what coffee would you want to have and what song would you listen to when you drink it?

Vinnie: “THREE LITTLE BIRDS” by BOB MARLEY and pair that with our ETHIOPIA SIDAMA LIGHT ROAST! Perfect match!

SW: What do you do when you are not slinging coffee? 

Vinnie: First and foremost I’m a dad and husband, but also a tattoo collector, toy maker, vinyl record hoarder and have been spending my last 18 months helping put together THE PUNK ROCK MUSEUM in Las Vegas.

SW: Anything else you want our community to know about you? 

Vinnie: Know where your coffee comes from. It’s a long journey from origin to your coffee cup and each part is very important.