Sunseed Food Co-op: 48 Years Of Food And Community In Cape Canaveral

27th Jan 2022

Sunseed Food Co-op: 48 Years Of Food And Community In Cape Canaveral

When you see the name "Cape Canaveral" you probably go immediately to "I Dream Of Jeannie" or think of rockets blasting into the stratosphere. And while these images are spot on, Cape Canaveral also is home to one of the oldest member-owned food cooperatives in the state of Florida-- The Sunseed Food Co-op. Since 1974 Sunseed has provided its member-owners with fresh organic produce, nutritious supplements, pet supplies, health products, teas, bulk Items, beer, wine, ice cream, and local products. And for several years they have carried Sweetwater Organic Coffee.

We spoke with Director Of Operations Sean O'hare about the co-op and this is what he had to say:

Sweetwater: How long has Sunseed been operating?

Sean O'hare: This is our 48th year.......since 1974! This is my 32nd year, I'm proud to say.

SW: How many members does the co-op have?

SO: The co-op currently has over 5,000 members

SW: How does Sunseed choose products? What is important to your members?

SO: With our member-owners, organic comes first. then non GMO and of course preservative free. No refined sugar or enriched flour

SW: How did you find Sweetwater?

SO: I honestly can't remember....maybe Tina (Sweetwater's intrepid manager) does?

SW: What is your favorite coffee drink? Why?

SO: Hot, Black Coffee. I like it strong, but not burnt. It gives me focus, energy and power.

SW: What is your go-to coffee blend or origin?

SO: Moka Java for its Dark Chocolate notes.

SW: What does 2022 look like for Sunseed?

SO: We are looking to increase our grab and go offerings this year and put in a new ten-door freezer. The future's so bright...we gotta wear shades.

Thanks to Sean for taking some time from his busy day to chat with us. If you are in the Cape Canaveral area and you're looking for some health food and excellent coffee, stop over at Sunseed and bask in their rays.