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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Moka Java Viennese Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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Classic blend of the best Fair Trade Sumatran & Ethiopia Natural coffees roasted to a robust Viennese roast. Rich, fruity, and sweet with a lovely dark chocolate finish.


Tina says "Moka Java Viennese Roast is my go to, top of the list, favorite! "


From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Rich dark chocolate with hints of stone fruit and blueberries
  • Flavor: Sweet, cocoa, fruity, complex
  • Aftertaste: Dark chocolate
  • Acidity: Medium-soft
  • Body: Full, rich
  • Balance: Leaning toward body and low notes
  • Overall/Notes: Complex, rich, chocolaty, subtly fruity, and abundantly sweet. A favorite of customers and staff alike.

4 Reviews

cb 3rd Feb 2021

really good coffee

Really enjoy this coffee. Some are a bit oily and don't work in our coffee maker but this is not and is very good.

Terry Bean 24th Apr 2017

Do Alittle Java Dance

When that taste of cacao is filtered thru it makes ya wanna do a java dance. Slight bite so that's why 4 stars not 5! Probably my maker! Loved it though!!

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