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Black Dog Espresso Viennese Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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Full bodied Viennese Espresso with fierce, thick crema and strong dark chocolate flavor and fruit flavors. We've carefully blended two of our favorite coffees to pull the perfectly balanced espresso -- equally strong as part of a milk drink or alone as a classic double shot.

From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Black currant, dark berries, and cocoa
  • Flavor: Dark chocolate, cola, mellow-sweet blueberry undertones
  • Aftertaste: Lingering chocolate covered berries
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: Chewy
  • Balance: Well-balanced and rich
  • Overall/Notes: A Central Italian traditional espresso. Rich, flavorful, sweet, complex, big bodied, and beautifully resilient crema.
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Full bodied Viennese Roast Espresso with fierce, beautifully thick crema and delicious dark chocolate berry flavor. Our champion espresso is blended with Mexico and Ethiopian Sidama Natural organic coffees.

1 Review

roombyroompr@aol.com 19th Jan 2017

I love espresso

Tried many types of coffee beans and this is my favorite

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