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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Red Dog Espresso Full City Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

1 lb $11.95 | 2 lb $23.20 | 5 lb $57.25
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We've updated our Red Dog Espresso using a blend of Colombia Cauca from the Asociación Kwe'sx Uma Kiwe Peykajn Mjinxisa (Fondo Paez cooperative) and our new beans from the Bolaven Plataeu Coffee Producers Cooperative (CPC) in Laos.  The Colombian beans give this dog its brightness while the Lao adds the creamy body.

1 lb $11.95 | 2 lb $23.20 | 5 lb $57.25
Short Description:
New & Improved!
An overall lighter blend for espresso fanatics. Beautiful tiger-striped crema bursting with a complex fruit medley and enough chocolate brownie backbone to back it up!
Regions: Cauca Colombia and Bolaven Plateau Laos

1 Review

A Happy Java drinker 3rd Aug 2015

Tastes perfect as my latte

Just right. Balanced, NOT burnt flavored like some espresso. Using this in my home espresso machine. Order as whole beans and grind just before using if possible! Either way, enjoy!

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