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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Freight Train Light Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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A fantastic morning blend of some of our favorite coffees -- Peru and Mexico. Pecans, milk chocolate, and caramel apple sweetness in our signature Light Roast.

From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Pecan, hints of baking spice
  • Flavor: Milk chocolate, pecans, salted caramel apple
  • Aftertaste: Cocoa, nuts
  • Acidity: Medium plus, drinkable
  • Body: Medium, smooth
  • Balance: Balanced and consistent
  • Overall/Notes: A most soft and sweet light roast blend. Pleasant mild fruit notes are encased in a milk chocolate and caramel sweetness.

12 Reviews

Katie 28th Apr 2020

Lived up to high accolades

I live far away from Gainesville and found out about this blend on a quarantine livestream on social media. I decided to give Freight Train a shot and am SO GLAD I DID. This is the best coffee I ever had and I can’t drink the bland stuff from the supermarket anymore. Expect to hear from me again, Sweetwater! Love from Philly!

Sarah 2nd Apr 2020

A Consistent Favorite

I've been ordering coffee from Sweetwater for at least 5 years, and while I'm always open to trying different beans/blends/roasts, Freight Train is a consistent favorite. I come back to it over and over. It never disappoints!

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