Best Spots for a Great Cup of Coffee in Gainesville

23rd Sep 2019

Best Spots for a Great Cup of Coffee in Gainesville

Visit these Local Coffee Shops in Gainesville, Florida

When you move to or visit a new city, one of the best ways to get a feel for the local scene is to visit the coffee houses. Gainesville is home to many unique local coffee shops that focus on providing both quality coffee and inspired atmospheres.

At Sweetwater Organic Coffee, our mission is to change the world, one great cup of coffee at a time. We roast our coffee on Main Street in downtown Gainesville, and have always sourced our beans through sustainable partnerships with international farming cooperatives. We pay higher than Fair Trade established prices to ensure that the cooperatives we work with are paid a price that allows them to develop their communities around their products.

These local partners are proud to support us in our mission. Visit any of the spots on this list to get a taste of Gainesville—our coffee and our vibe!

1. Curia on the Drag

Curia on the Drag is a beautiful space situated on a 2.5 acre property. Offering delicious coffee, tea, a food truck, and an urban rustic vibe, this coffee shop is a must-visit if you’re in Gainesville. They also operate Dad’s Bar on their grounds, serving beer and wine that can be enjoyed anywhere on the property.

Looking to try coffee roasted in Gainesville? You can also order a cup of Sweetwater Organic Coffee while you’re there!

2. Karma Cream

This inviting vegan cafe offers delicious coffee as well as vegan (and dairy!) ice cream. With a modern space located close to the University of Florida, this is a great spot to enjoy quality food and quality coffee. Their focus on sourcing sustainable food makes them the perfect partner for us. You can try our fair trade, organic coffee at Karma Cream.

3. Sweet Cup

Located in the Haile area, this family-oriented frozen yogurt cafe offers board games, all the fro-yo fixings, and delicious coffee. Sweet Cup is a great place to visit with kids, or to beat the heat with a cold treat! They also serve our delicious coffee.

Other Local Destinations that Carry Sweetwater Organic Coffee

You can also purchase bags of our organic, Fair Trade coffee beans at these local spots.

Satchel’s Pizza

Satchel’s is locally famous for its delicious pizza and eclectic vibes. Here you can dine in a VW Van turned restaurant booth, enjoy local brews, and purchase local fare—such as bags of Sweetwater Organic Coffee!

Ward’s Supermarket

Ward’s is everyone’s favorite local grocery store. Committed to sourcing from within the Gainesville community, this supermarket is a natural partner for Sweetwater Organic Coffee.

Ready to Explore Local Gainesville Coffee Shops?

Now that you know all the best places to get a great cup of coffee in Gainesville, it’s time to start exploring! Check out any of these spots to support local businesses while enjoying delicious coffee, and visit our website to buy fair trade, organic, and locally roasted coffee for your home.