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Sweetwater Organic Green Beans

Peru Fair Trade Organic Green Coffee Beans

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These green coffee beans from our Peruvian trading partners are grown at altitudes between 2,900 and 6,600 feet and are washed and sun-dried. Great for home roasting.

2 Reviews

Janae 13th Jul 2020

Fantastic quality coffee

I have been roasting my own for for over 5 years now, I even had the pleasure of working at a world famous coffee shop, that being said I am very picky about my coffee. I ordered two types of beans and have only tried one of them so far but I am very pleased with the quality of these beans. I am truly thrilled that I found this company! I love that they are all organic, fair trade and a certified B corp! This company has my continued support!

Terrence 25th May 2020


I bought this product to roast since I find it hard to find any light roast coffees to my liking. I had one coffee shop (coincidentally called 'Sweetwaters' that served a well balances light roast Peruvian. They stopped carrying it so I had to find an alternative. This Peruvian bean you offer makes a marvelous light roast and perfectly suits my needs. I have already purchased another 2 lbs along with the Mexican green beans as well. Thanks for providing some great options for this newbie home roaster!

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