Sweetwater Sampler Pack

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Shopping for a coffee lover for a special occasion? What better gift than a coffee sampler. Stuff stockings with small sample-size bags of Midnight Oil, Moka Java, Good Morning Gainesville, and Freight Train. This is a fun way to share Sweetwater's most popular coffees with folks who will love the culinary adventure.

Each bag is 4 oz of coffee.

Midnight Oil warms you up like a warm fall campfire. It's a rich, bold blend of that has sweet, fruity, dark chocolate notes and a full body.

Moka Java is Tina's go-to favorite coffee, lighter than Midnight Oil but carrying similar notes of fruit and dark chocolate.

Good Morning Gainesville is a shift from these two coffees. A slightly lighter roast, GMA has bright acidities that mellow out to a nutty finish.

Freight Train is our lightest roast in the sampler box. This coffee is a blend of South and Central American coffees that offers notes of pecans and milk chocolate. Drink up, enjoy, and let us know your favorite!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review