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Product Overview

Easy-to-Make Cold Brew 

If you've been in love with Cold Brew like we have, you might be looking for an easy way to make it at home. These cold brew packs are your answer. Simply drop a pack in water, wait 12-24 hours, and then you have cold brew.  It's that easy. This one-pound bag includes five 3.2 oz. filter packs that can make up to 20 servings of delicious cold brew.

Cold Brew Flavor Profile

Brewing coffee with hot water activates acidic compounds in coffee.  Cold-water brewing does not do that.  Instead, you get a low-acid coffee with deep, rich flavors.  Grown in the Highlands of Guatemala, this coffee has deep notes of dark chocolate and sweet, orange-like undertones when it is cold brewed.   

Maintaining Freshness

We recommend brewing your cold brew often so that it can stay fresh.  Keep your brewed coffee refrigerated and it can last for up to seven days.  For optimum freshness, try consuming it within three days of brewing.  

Adding Cold Brew to other Drinks

Once you have Cold Brew in your refrigerator, you can start adding it to other drinks.  It's a great way to jazz up milkshakes, cocktails and more.  



(No reviews yet) Write a Review