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Sweetwater Morning Monthly Florida Coffee Zine Blog

A Brief History of Cuban Coffee

A few drinks may come to mind when you hear "Cuban coffee", like the colada, the cortadito, or a cafe con leche - all espresso-based drinks - but the basic difference between common espresso and Cuban coffee is sugar. Historically, sugar was Cuba’s m
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Peru's Pangoa: A Small Co-op Doing Big Things

Almost two decades ago we were fortunate enough to meet Esperanza Dionisio Castillo of the CAC Pangoa cooperative. Our friendship with Esperanza and our partnership with Pangoa and its small coffee and cacao farmers has been a special one for us. Sev
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7 Events Across Florida To Celebrate The 4th

Yesterday, for those traveling north, we took a look at 4th of July celebrations across the great state of Georgia — home of our sister coffee roaster Cafe Campesino and a lot of you loyal and beloved customers. Today we will check out some
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5 Events Across Georgia To Celebrate The 4th

This is a big holiday weekend all across Florida, Georgia, and the entire USA. Together we celebrate the promise of independence for every American and look back to the founding of this unique country that aspires to include oppressed people fr
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Gainesville Community Pride Events

Julie Bailey-Steeno has lived in Gainesville, FL for the past three years and feels like there are no LGBTQ community celebrations for older people who are not part of the UF community. “70% of Gainesville is college students or faculty, and if you’r
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