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Sweetwater Morning Monthly Florida Coffee Zine Blog

5 Spots To Find Sweetwater in St. Augustine

It’s April in St. Augustine, FL, where we’re looking forward to cups of coffee in picturesque places with rainy days, beautiful blooms and all that coastal sunshine. Here are five spots in St. Augustine where you can pick up Sweetwater Organic Coffee
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Early Bird vs Night Owl

At Sweetwater we have been kicking around the topic of early birds and night owls. Where do you fall on this spectrum? Check out some of our marketing team members' thoughts on the virtues of being an early riser or a creature of the night. No matter
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Some Irish Coffee Drinks

St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so we wanted to give our coffee-drinking community some libation inspiration. We don’t know where she originally got the recipe, but we’re calling this first one the Cold Brew Mar-Tina. Thanks Tina!“Cold Brew Mar-Tina”
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