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Sweetwater Morning Monthly Florida Coffee Zine Blog

6 Reasons to Cold Brew While Camping

Outside is the safest place to be these days. If you’re one of the many hitting overnight adventures under the starry night skies, take along our cold brew packs for your morning coffee.Cold Brew Packs are Great for Camping1. You can Set it and Forge
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Coronavirus in Guatemala

Since mid-March, Guatemala has been on a nationwide lock-down.  A nightly 6 p.m.- to- 5 a.m. curfew is mandatory. Daytime automobile travel is restricted to certain dates- license plates that end in even numbers can be on the roads on even dates
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Quick Chat: Sweetwater Branch Inn in Gainesville, FL

Cornelia started the Sweetwater Branch Inn in 1993. Her family moved into the blue VIctorian mansion around the time she left for college, but her time spent cooking as a child between Italy and Florida prepared her for when she would go on to t
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​Random Acts of Coffee: Round Two

We’re ready for Round Two.Last month, we hosted a giveaway contest on Instagram and Facebook in honor of the random acts of kindness that we’ve seen right here in Gainesville. Random Acts of Kindness in a Time of UncertaintyIn the midst of so much un
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Colombia & the Coronavirus

The indigenous people of the Fondo Paez cooperative are familiar with danger. They were impacted when troops mobilized in their remote mountainous region during periods of conflict in Colombia. But the coronavirus pandemic represents a different cha
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