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Sweetwater Morning Monthly Florida Coffee Zine Blog

Why Fair Trade? How Fair Trade Coffee Changed Tina's Life

The more I work with people in the Fair Trade coffee production & distribution industry, I learn there's something deeper going on than simply pushing coffee beans. It seems to provide a dynamic and overall deeply satisfying emotional experien ...
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Sweetwater Stands with Dreamers and Supports DACA

As a leader in the fair trade movement, Sweetwater Organic Coffee advocates for social and economic justice on behalf of, and in partnership with, small-scale coffee farmers around the world. Our work as fair trade coffee roasters is driven by an un ...
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Florida Organic Growers Special Blends

THE ORGANIC TRAIL - FROM FLORIDA TO THE COFFEE LANDS - Imagine a world free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides! Double... maybe even triple whammy! Sweetwater Organic Coffee & Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc. (FOG) h ...
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Coffee College

In order to better serve our customers, and thereby our farmers, a few of us here at Sweetwater have embarked on a path of higher education in the coffee industry. Coffee college, so to speak.The curriculum is called "Pathways," and it's sanction ...
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