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Sweetwater Morning Monthly Florida Coffee Zine Blog

Kicking Caffeine? Best Decaf Blends To Start the Decade

Organic Decaf Blends for the New Decade It’s a new year, a fresh start, and a time for self-improvement. We all love that little boost we get from a fresh cup of coffee, but for some, caffeine can also come with adverse effects. While drinking cof
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December Gift-giving Perks

Buy Sweetwater Merchandise, Get 2lb Bags at a DiscountThis holiday season, we're incentivizing you to sport your Sweetwater love: Purchase Sweetwater-branded merchandise, and Get 15% off TWO POUND BAGS of one of our best-selling c
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Being Thankful in the Day-to-Day

I feel it’s not a far-fetched statement to suggest that we live in a culture of “more, better, more." We all have desires for things we don’t currently have, which isn’t inherently a bad thing. We long for more income, more time, more travels, more
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