Partner Profile: Sweet Brewnette Café

Posted by Sweetwater Organic Coffee on 6th Jun 2019

Partner Profile: Sweet Brewnette Café

Sweet Brewnette Buys Fair Trade, Organic Wholesale Coffee

Thanks to our wonderful business partners, you can find your favorite Sweetwater Organic Coffee blends in local shops across Florida! One of our partners is Sweet Brewnette, a neighborhood café in Madeira Beach, Florida. This small but mighty café is devoted to doing their part to support the planet we all love, and its people.

An Inspiring Female Founder

After retiring from the Colorado police force, Vicki Ferrari had plans to visit an old friend in Florida for one month, then she would head up to North Carolina to open a bar. Her one month stay in Florida turned into two years once she realized her friend could use some extra help with her two school-aged daughters.

To feed her entrepreneurial spirit, Ferrari opened up a food truck in The Villages. From there, she gained the momentum to evolve her business, opening a café she named Sweet Brewnette. All of this change and spontaneity was nothing new for Ferrari, who served as a weekend traffic anchor at a local TV station in Colorado and competed on the NBC show American Gladiators, all while working as a police detective! Sweet Brewnette is the perfect setting for Ferrari to combine her business ambition with her love of people.

Enjoy Sweetwater Organic Coffee at Sweet Brewnette

Sweet Brewnette relies on Sweetwater Organic Coffee to supply 100% organic coffees that fulfill their fair trade initiatives. They also support our importing cooperative that partners with small scale farmer organizations worldwide, Cooperative Coffees. Ferrari wants all of her customers to know that when they visit Sweet Brewnette, they are becoming a part of something bigger. It’s partners like Sweet Brewnette that help us accomplish our mission—to change the world, one great cup of coffee at a time.

Sweet Brewnette is also known for their delicious breakfast and lunch menu—the café is devoted to serving food that is as healthy as it is tasty. Check out the Sweet Brewnette website to find out more!

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