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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Guatemala Full City Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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Guatemala: A coffee country that is very near and dear to our hearts. Cooperative Coffees founder, Bill Harris, was inspired to begin importing fair trade coffee while on a trip with Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala, and eventually conceived of our organic green bean importing cooperative that thrives today. Through visiting and working with our farmers, we truly begin to appreciate the love and hard work that goes into each and every cup. It is a sincerely a humbling and eye-opening experience that lends to a greater appreciation of our trading partners.


From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Sweet, clean, fruit, toasted coconut, caramel
  • Flavor: Very sweet, clean, toffee, vanilla, fruit, some nuttiness, mild chocolate
  • Aftertaste: Lingering caramel
  • Acidity: Medium plus refreshing, red apple
  • Body: Medium and smooth
  • Balance: Well balanced and consistent
  • Overall/Notes: cooled well (continues to have a high quality even when cooled).

Details About the Guatemala - APECAFORM Cooperative:

  • Organization: Founded in 1992, legalized 1998 Comprised of 400 members
  • Geographic Region: San Marcos and Tajamulco Volcano
  • Altitude: 1000 – 1900 meters above sea level
  • Certifications: Mayacert Organic; Fairtrade International (FLO); Small Producers (SPP)
  • Varietals: Arabica – Typica, Caturra, Bourbon

Read more on their profile page. Track your coffee to the origin on our Fair Trade Proof dot Org website.

1 Review

Laura Donahue 19th Jan 2021


The GUATEMALA FULL CITY ROAST is an exceptional coffee.. the roast is perfect and provides an amazing cup of coffee! So very glad I discovered Sweetwater organic Coffee and thrilled to help support the GUATEMALAN farmers. Thanks and keep up the great work!

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