Las Diosas Nicaragua Light Roast Coffee in New Collectors bag. Dona Julita and Juana Villareyna in the village of El Colorado Juana Villareyna with seedlings in the village of El Colorado Dona Veronica showing us the damaged caused by "Roya" or Coffee Rust Christian Merlo of Las Diosas

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Sweetwater Organic Coffee

Nicaragua Light Roast Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Short Description:
Sweet cane sugary coffee with a subtle clean fruit flavor. Medium acidity with a creamy mouth-feel in a well balanced cup.
Region: Nueva Segovia
Producer: Prococer
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Las Diosas is an incredible all-female coffee farming cooperative made up of four smaller primary level cooperatives in Northern Nicaragua representing over 360 women. The co-op is affiliated with Fundacion Entre Mujeres (FEM), one of the most respected women's empowerment organizations in Nicaragua. FEM promotes participation in the economic and social development of rural women in the Department of Estelí, through productive projects, education, technical advice, women's health, workshops on gender awareness, which work towards the improvement of the situation of women in their area.
Las Diosas, based in the town of Esteli, not only grows coffee for export, they also produce honey, Jamaica wine and tea, and roasted coffee to sell in local markets. The women have been trained in agroecological farming practices that not only satisfy organic certification, but also go beyond to focus on the health of the soil, other plants, the water, and the entire environment in their communities. Survivors of many hardships in the past ten years including earthquakes, landslides, drought, plant disease, and hurricanes, the women of Las Diosas are fearless, resilient, and persistent in their work.


From our coffee cupping:

  • Aroma: Vanilla, Malt, Dark Chocolate
  • Flavor: Tobacco, Raisin, Milk Chocolate
  • Aftertaste: Lingering bitter sweet chocolate
  • Acidity: Mild
  • Body: Balanced
  • Balance: Well balanced and quite consistent
  • Overall/Notes: A hint of bitter sweet chocolate and slightly peachy aftertaste.

Details About the Nicaragua - Las Diosas Cooperative:

  • Organization: Founded in 2006, over 360 members
  • Geographic Region: Esteli, Nicaragua
  • Certifications: Organic - Biolatina; Fairtrade International (FLO); Small Producers (SPP)
  • Elevation: 1000- 1,250 m
  • Varietals: Arabica: Caturra, Parainema, Marsellesa

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Just Right!

These beans are roasted just right and not too acidic. I love this roast as much as the old Bolivian they used to have. Totally satisfied! Thanks to the crew and to the growers! Keywester
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